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Welcome to the
Colorado Springs Education Association

We are the affiliate of the Colorado Education Association and the National Education Association that proudly represents over 2,000 educators in Colorado Springs School District 11. The Colorado Springs Education Association (CSEA) is both a professional association and an advocacy organization.

The Association is a highly democratic organization governed by members elected by colleagues to represent them in all Association matters.

Within CSEA, the voices of members are clearly heard through two elected representative bodies. The CSEA Representative Council is the Associationís policy-making, legislative body. It is composed of Association Representatives (ARs) elected in each school at a ratio of one representative for every 25 members.

The CSEA Board of Directors is the Associationís executive body. It is comprised of four Executive Officers and nine Directors. In order to ensure maximum representation, one Director is elected from each of the four grade levels, and one Director is elected from each of the five District 11 Regions. Our representative to the CEA Board of Directors also serves on our local Board of Directors.

CSEA has a full-time released President, Kevin Vick, and employs a UniServ Director, Thad Gemski, an Office Manager, Denise Brown, and an Accounting and Administrative Associate, Laura Zeitz. The office is located at 2520 North Tejon Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CSEA may be contacted at 719.471.1190.

We advocate for the teachers of District 11. We provide professional development, on-the-job assistance, legal services and a wide variety of economic benefits to members. We negotiate the salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all teachers in District 11. Nearly four out of five teachers in the District have chosen to join the Association.

We are extremely proud of our organization and its accomplishments. From securing a stronger voice for educators to pushing for higher academic standards, CSEA has always been in the forefront of positive change.