CSEA Board of Directors

President Kevin Vick
Vice President Leslie Miller
Secretary Corinne Turney
Treasurer Joe Schott
Primary Director Carmen Moyer
Intermediate Director Brian Kachel
Middle High Director Ryan Ten Brink
Senior High Director Erica Rewey
Coronado Region Director Lori Duffy
Doherty Region Director Elizabeth Waller Elizabeth Waller
Mitchell Region Director Joni Hale
Palmer Region Director Brian Mandabach
Itinerant Director Steven Lambert
CEA Board Representative John Yates

Resolutions of the CSEA Board of Directors

2018 1 Resolution Concerning Colorado Springs School District 11 Mill Levy Override Question

2017 — 1 Resolution To Support Safe and Welcoming Schools

2017 — 2 Resolution to Support Transgendered and Gender Nonconforming Students

2017 — 3 Resolution on Standardized Testing

2016 — 1 Presidential Nomination Process

2016 — 2 Resolution Against Standardized Testing