News and Events

CSEA provides a variety of opportunities for members to get involved. We are looking forward to another round of fun-filled events this year. We’re bringing back some favorites, and invite your input and suggestions for additional activities! Below is a listing of some of the events we will be sponsoring. Dates, times and locations will be announced as the calendar of events is established. We always inform our members via email when we have an event planned.


Election For CSEA President And Delegates To Delegate Assembly
CSEA/D11 MLO Mid-Year Tentative Agreement Ratification

CSEA is an organization comprised of many talented professionals who spend extraordinary energy to teach students and advocate for public education. With the election for CSEA President, members faced a choice between two exceptionally dedicated and strong candidates. Both represent many years of leadership, dedication, and determination to public education, membership, and our organizational strength. Both need to be commended for what they have done for our profession and who they are as human beings.

With this in mind, CSEA is honored to announce that Joe Schott, Latin teacher at Doherty, was elected as CSEA’s next President.

The Tentative Agreement was ratified. The details of the Tentative Agreement are available in the member section of our website.

The members of CSEA voted to elect the following as delegates to Delegate Assembly:

Gretchen Bitner Rick Garcia Kate Shannon
Melanie Blackman Shelly Gemoets Catie Snowbarger
Julia Chung Adrienne Hause Beth Waller
Kevin Coughlin Amanda Hawkins Johnny Yates
Jerri Crouse Sarah Jacobs  

In addition, the following are automatically delegates to the CEA Delegate Assembly by virtue of having been elected to the CSEA Board of Directors by the members at large:

Lori Duffy Leslie Miller Ryan Ten Brink
Joni Hale Carmen Moyer Corinne Turney
Brian Kachel Erica Rewey Kevin Vick
Brian Mandabach Joe Schott  

It’s Income Tax Time!

If you are looking for the total amount paid in dues for 2017 to claim as a miscellaneous itemized deduction on your federal income taxes, visit the member section of our website details.

Got Conflict?

Is there a situation between you and a colleague at your workplace that is causing you stress or anxiety? Do you have a dispute with a co-worker that is causing your work or workplace to suffer? CSEA has a Peer Facilitation Cadre that can help you and a coworker identify core issues, find common ground and work for a solution that will resolve these issues. This voluntary cadre consists of trained peer facilitators who will work with you confidentially to help bring about a solution to the disagreement. Please contact your AR or CSEA for additional information.

2017-2020 Master Agreement

The following documents are available to members by logging in to the member portion of the CSEA website:

  • Bargaining Settlement Summary 2017
  • 17-18 Salary Schedule
  • Cleanup Language
  • Collaboration
  • Interviewing
  • Stipend Analysis Committee
  • Term of Agreement


Pedaling for St. Patrick’s Day
Saturday, March 17
8:00 a.m.
Pikes Peak Center, Wahsatch side
Join CSEA Members Who Bike as we celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by participating in our community’s annual parade. Come rain or shine, we’ll be gathering in our first “ride” of the spring. Hope to see you there!

Other Membership Events Coming This Year

Painting Night
Have you ever wanted to go to one of those painting and socializing places, but didn’t want to spend the money? Now is your chance...this is a no cost event! Supplies, food, and drink will be provided.

You’ll be invited to join fellow teachers and CSEA members as we catch up on grading, paperwork and planning, sitting behind a sign that informs the public we are teachers at work.